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Make Your Bathroom Feel like a Spa

When describing your bathroom, “spa-like” and “personal sanctuary” may not be the first words to come out of your mouth. The bathroom of your dreams may be a full remodel away, but by taking cues from spas and saunas, you can decorate your way to make it a more relaxing space. Grab a Turkish towel and some eucalyptus-it’s time to teach your bathroom how to chill out!

Go Green: This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy new appliances to make your bathroom more eco-friendly. Instead, use tile, tasseled Fouta towels, and a forest of houseplants to surround your tub.

Brush Up: No at-home spa is complete without the tools of the trade. Invest in a bath brush, loofah or natural sea sponge that can double as décor. Make sure to hang them on the wall for an easy reach.

Use Natural Scents: To imitate the aromatherapy room at the sauna, just introduce some fresh eucalyptus, which can be found at the florist or even a local bodega. Some may recommend tying a bundle to the showerhead so the steam will carry the sinus-clearing aroma through the whole room.

Tile Trick: While you may not be able to cover your whole bathroom in Turkish tile, you may be able to get the look by choosing a similarly patterned shower curtain. Bathmats, rugs, and wall art can all replicate the intricate designs of tile, while still letting you pay this month’s bills.

Toss in the Towels: Whatever you choose to call it- a Turkish towel, a Fouta, a hammam towel- a hand-woven linen or cotton towel is a necessity for any spa-evoking bathroom.

Top It Off: Rest a wooden caddy across the top of your tub for holding books, candles, and a cup of refreshing mint tea.

Introduce a Side-Table Stool: There’s something about placing a small wooden stool next to the bathtub that feels luxurious. If you use it to hold a washcloth or your shampoo, it also serves a practice purpose.

Choose a Better Bathmat: The second you swap a wooden slatted bathmat for your dingy old fabric one, your powder room will start to feel much more spa-like.

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