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Great Kitchen Sink Trends

In today’s world, there are many styles and colors to choose from when purchasing a new sink for your home. The only available choices in the past were cast iron and stainless steel in very few sizes and colors. You could not order a customized sink and you had to design around what was available. Now you can select a sink to fit your design as well as faucets to compliment that style. Here is a guide to some of the “popular” kitchen sink trends that are out there for consideration. Vessel Sinks

Also known as “basin sinks,” vessel sinks have been a hot bathroom trend in recent years, but are now becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. Vessel sinks sit atop—or slightly recessed of— the counter, instead of being below the countertop level like traditional sink basins.

Because they are more visible, vessel sinks can make a major design statement. Designers are producing them in a variety of unique, but kitchen-friendly, materials, including natural stone, metals, glass, and even wood.

Because vessel sinks are raised above the counter surface, working at one requires less bending over, which can be easier on the back. The cost for a vessel sink depends largely on its material, but their popularity means this kitchen favorite can now be purchased in virtually any price range, from economy to luxury.

Prep/Entertainment Sinks
Many homeowners have discovered that having a smaller, second sink installed in the kitchen can make a big difference in a kitchen’s workflow. Known as “prep” or “entertainment” sinks, these sinks offer an extra workspace for someone to help chop carrots, for wine to chill on ice, or for washing hands before sitting down at the table.

Farmhouse Sinks
One of the hottest kitchen sinks today is the “farmhouse sink,” sometimes also called an “apron sink.” Farmhouse sinks are so named because they mimic the rectangular, extra deep look and exposed front common in many vintages, rural homes. They can sit atop the counter or be mounted, and because these basin-style sinks generally lack a “deck” running around the outside, faucets and other hardware are installed directly into the countertop, behind or to the side of the basin.

The most common material for farmhouse sinks is timeless white porcelain or enamel, but as these sinks gain in popularity, manufacturers are offering the classic farmhouse design in more varied and modern materials, including fired clay, stainless steel, copper, natural stone, and even wood.

Trough Sinks
If you’ve ever tried to work at a sink with more than one person, you know how crowded a conventional square or rectangular sink space can get. Trough sinks solve that problem.Longer and leaner than a traditional kitchen sink, trough sinks can accommodate two, three or even four faucets and drains, offering significant elbow room for a family of cooking enthusiasts. They are also ideal for home gardening and craft projects, and trough sinks are a great way to attractively serve a selection of chilled food and drinks on ice.

Seamless Sinks
The tiny crevice where the sink meets the countertop can be one of the most difficult spaces to get truly clean in a kitchen. Today’s popular seamless designs—in which sink and countertop are melded together into a single piece—eliminate this problem. A seamless sink can be designed to meet your custom specifications. If you cook for large numbers of people, ask for an extra deep or wide basin.

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