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Bath tubs, Jason Hydrotherapy

Jason Hydrotherapy Tubs

Jason Hydrotherapy is an American company that came about from a family’s firsthand experience with how hydrotherapy affected a cousin with rheumatoid arthritis. The uncle of the current chairman worked…

Bath tubs

Jetted or Soaking Tub?

There are several different options for those who are looking to install a tub. Of all the different types of tubs available two of the most popular choices are jetted…

Bath tubs, MTI

MTI BathTub Collections

MTI BASICS® tubs are ideal for situations when needs are simpler, desires are more modest or delivery schedule is critical. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most…

Bath tubs

Make Your Bathroom Feel like a Spa

When describing your bathroom, “spa-like” and “personal sanctuary” may not be the first words to come out of your mouth. The bathroom of your dreams may be a full remodel…

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