Brand Spotlight: Hansgrohe Side Showers

Capture a moment of rejuvenation with the range of stunning showers from Hansgrohe that offers a variety of styles and finishes to suit any bathroom style.

You can create the perfect showering experience with Hansgrohe side showers. Choose from three styles and sizes to suit different bathroom types, and enjoy the water flow and massage power of Hansgrohe.  Hansgrohe side showers are designed to create a sensational showering experience in your bathroom. The Hansgrohe FeelSide range offers up a luxurious and comfortable water shower through its five different spray settings. Their soft shapes, shiny surfaces, and diverse range of finishes make these showers the ideal companion in any modern bathroom.

The side shower lets you enjoy the pleasures of lavish water. The range includes three basic models – a tap, a rail, and a flexible hose – that can be combined in any combination with both left- and right-hand hoses.

The Bodyvette side shower vibrantly accents the shower in any bathroom with its round design and elegant chrome finish. The rectangular-shaped PuraVida side shower also has a contemporary design, blending perfectly with avant-garde bathrooms. Finally, the Rainfinity shoulder shower with its modern white or graphite matt finish provides a soothing experience every time. Bring a touch of indulgence to the shower. Hansgrophe side showers in white or in white/chrome blend in perfectly with any bathroom design which adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Every day you want to pamper yourself and feel special. You deserve the perfect shower that provides a relaxing experience of pure luxury, with the water flowing in from the sides – not just from above. The wide variety of flawless side showers at Hansgrohe will bring you this indulgence.

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