Create Your Spa-like Bathroom

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Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

After a long day at work of with the kids and all you want to do is relax like you are at a spa . You finally have a few minutes to yourself and that tub is calling your name! You pour yourself something cold to drink, light some candles, run a nice warm bath with bubbles or essential oils. Then close the door, turn on the music and let the warm water and aroma take all your worries of the day away.

Now how do you achieve this affect? It is a quick, simple and obtainable on any budget. For those who are doing a complete remodel you can look into getting a spa tub with jets that will melt your sore muscles. DuravitTotoHydro SystemsMTI, and Vola has some of the best choices in tubs to fit your space, style and design.

MTI tub

But if you are not doing a complete remodel or replacing your tub there are still things you can do that will transform your bathroom in that spa experience you are searching for. When you look up soothing colors your searches will come up with are white, cream, greens, blues and even shades wood stains. These colors trigger an internal reaction that will sooth and relax your mind, body, and soul.

If you are someone that loves earthy, neutral colors and want to paint your bathroom these colors look to white, ivory, and ecru. These colors will make your room look bigger, tie it all off with pop of blues and green in tile or art work. If you have a window in your bathroom take down the curtains or shade and cover the window in a film that allows the natural light in but also gives you the privacy you need.

Finally, you can top all this off with thicker towels, fluffy spa robes, essential oils and bubble bath and don’t forget the candles. Now you have everything you need for your spa experience!