Benefits to Using a Touchless Water Faucet

There are clearly benefits to using a touchless water faucet. One of the most important benefits to using a touchless water faucet in your home is that they limit the spread of bacteria. Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house since we spread germs and bacteria. Having a touchless water faucet will eliminate the need to spread the germs from dirty to clean hands due to turning off the faucet after you wash your hands.

Another major benefit is they also save water.  So much water is wasted when people don’t turn off the faucet while they are brushing their teeth. Or they may even forget to shut the tap after the bathtub has been filled, there’s no denying that a lot of people’s bad habits lead to avoidable water wastage. Some people don’t shut the water off properly and leave a constant dripping. A touchless faucet ensures that water isn’t running the entire time someone is brushing.  Combined with a water-saving aerator, touchless faucets can save a substantial amount of water.  And, since the water is set at a specific temperature, having a touchless faucet removes the risk of a child burning him or herself accidentally.  When calculated the amount of water we lose is more than a liter per day. That’s extensive waste!


Touchless faucets are also available for kitchens. This can be a great asset to your kitchen. No more leaving the water running while carrying a pot over to the stove. Or if your hands are all greasy it makes for easy off and on.

Touchless faucets are powered either by a battery or with a/c power, so there is a built-in energy cost as well. You can’t go wrong with adding a touchless water faucet to your home. You can stop by our showroom or shop our online store at Plumbtile. Our showroom and our website store carries a wide range of different faucets to meet your needs. You can call 1-866-758-6284 and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.