Ginger chandelier and table lamps

Brighten Your Spot With Lights!

Ginger chandelier and table lamps

When we are looking for lighting options we are often provided with multiple light designs and fixtures, from recessed lighting that require contractors and tradesmen, to floor and desk lamps that need to have access to outlets. Ambient lighting, task or accent lighting are the most popular fixtures that are extremely versatile enough to be used in every room of the house.

Recessed lighting. Usually installed above the ceiling but it can also be installed in cabinets and along the walls. To add recessed lighting, you need to have at least 6 inches of space above the ceiling and in the wall. To prevent condensation from collecting on the fixture insulation is essential.

Track lighting. This type of lighting was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s then it died out only to make a comeback. This type of lighting is like recessed except it is not in the ceiling but mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The track runs along the ceiling allowing the lights to be mounted, adjusted or moved along that track and in any direction.

Ginger Pendants Lighting

Pendants lighting. Pendant lights are a good way to focus the lights in one area, such as, a kitchen island or dining table area. Pendants can be as minimal or elaborate as you like they come in many styles and colors. This type of light is perfect for providing ambient or task lighting.

Chandelier lighting. Chandeliers have always been a timeless lighting option bringing a sense of elegance to any room. Generally, chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling, but we are seeing more and more wall sconces with chandelier features.

Table Lamps

Desk, Floor & Table Lamps. Most of us grew up with either ceiling fixtures or table lamps in our homes, now you can get small desk lamps for the bedside or desk area and even for a bathroom. More elaborate floor lamps are being used in living-rooms and bedrooms, they are not only beautiful but extremely versatile.

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