The Benefits of Using Glass Tile in Your Bathroom

There are beautiful benefits of using glass tiles in your bathroom. The colors you choose can say a great deal about the personality you want your home to display. The texture of glass reflects a clean, easy going and open look reflecting a more modern decor. 

Dependent upon the color of the glass tile, your home can reflect a serene, calm and relaxing feel such as a blue or green color or it can be more hard, dramatic and intense if black or a darker hue is used.

Even the shape of the tile can speak volumes.  For example, if the tiles are rectangular in shape, then that would give a more masculine, organized feel while a circular mosaic would be more fun and unconventional.

Glass tile is a personal choice in a home which resounds throughout the space it occupies.  It may also be used in the main rooms of the home, highlighting a featured space or perhaps a feature wall in the home.

Many people use glass tile to bring texture and depth into a room, such as a shower. Used in a bathroom shower, it can bring depth and a breezy feel to an otherwise small space. Imagine if you will, a wall of glass tiles in hues of blue, starting at the ceiling in light to almost clear tiles, gradually increasing in blue to reflect a body of water. This otherwise under appreciated, barely noticeable wall now has depth and color.  Another desired effect could be to use tan on the lower part of the wall into the base of the floor bring warmth to the room, allowing the floor to blend into its surroundings.

Plumbtile: Hirsch Glass

Another great benefit of glass tile is that it is easy to clean . All you need is a damp cloth or sponge mixed with some mild soap or cleaning product. Products that do not include high corrosive elements are better for glass tiles due to the fact that harsh chemicals can tear away the glass surface making the appearance dull. But don’t let the glass fool you, glass tile is also very durable and weatherproof.

If you are on the eco-friendly trend, you can now often purchase recycled glass tile. It uses less energy in the manufacturing process, and is therefore good for the environment too! So you can have that great new surface you’ve been looking for while knowing that you’re also reducing the impact of your carbon footprint. Go green with your new glass tiles bathroom!

So the next time you’re considering building or remodeling a space, consider glass tile and the wide variety of hues available and how glass tile can solve your decorating dilemmas for small or very large spaces.