New Products and Displays at IBT

isolaglass(blog)We’re excited to announce new products and displays at IBT!

Murano Glass sinks by Isola glass

Isola glass has merged more than 700 years of masterglass secrets and techniques of Murano glass manufacturing into the creation of exclusive glass panes suitable for contemporary and exterior decorations.


Each sink or piece of glass tile is a unique work of art, each characterized by nuances that make them one of a kind.

Stop by our showroom, we would be delighted to show you the Isola glass collection.




Huntington Brass

hunington brassExcellent value and price points for its look, Huntington Brass offers The Professional collection which features a basic line of moderately priced products. The Platinum collection features high-end products, which exhibit a correspondingly high level of design and finish, and a larger range of applications. We are delighted to represent Huntington Brass, which offers the full compliment for the bathroom and kitchen.