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French Reflection Vanity Mirrors

Magnifying Mirrors

French Reflections is the leading brand of high-end, luxurious magnifying makeup mirrors found in all the leading hotels in the world! Vanity mirrors have been around for a long time and are very popular for their specialized purpose. Vanity mirrors provide a distortion-free, magnified image. This type of mirror originated in the early 20th century and the original manufacturer, Miroir Brot, is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by French Reflection. French Reflection vanity mirrors are available at International Bath and Tile.

Superior Manufacturing

Made from superior materials and manufacturing processes, French Reflection craftsmanship is apparent in every product. They come in a variety of finishes including polished chrome, polished nickel, titanium, and polished gold. There is also several different styles selections. Depending on your needs you can choose from wall-mounted, tabletop, travel, and hand-held models.

A Variety of Models and Options

Wall-mounted mirrors include extendable and sliding models. All these mirrors swivel to achieve the best viewing angle and are reversible. One side is non-magnifying, and the other side contains optional magnification of standard 3x to 5x thin lenses or the 7x optical magnifying glass. All are manufactured to high-quality standards for a perfect, no distortion, defect-free reflected image.


You can choose from lighted and non-lighted models. Even the travel models come in lighted versions. There are also Accessories available including built-in power outlets, replacement light bulbs, lenses, and mirror cleaner.

All the French Reflection models and options are available from International Bath and Tile at great prices. And you can Contact Us or talk to an International Bath and Tile specialist if you have any questions. French Reflection Vanity Mirrors are worth looking into. Everyone should have the pleasure of owning and enjoying one of these fantastic mirrors! They are also a great gift to someone special in one’s life!