Culturing Life: 6 Reasons Why Dornbracht is Ahead of the Game in the Plumbing World

Dornbracht has been transforming the plumbing world since 1950. With their high-quality designs made in Germany, owning a Dornbracht fixture is timeless, modern, and stunning. They have created some of the most incredible bath, spa, and kitchen fixtures that we at International Bath and Tile are proud to carry. For a better understanding of who Dornbracht is and what they have accomplished, we have listed out six reasons why Dornbracht is ahead of the game in the plumbing world.

1. Form meets function
It is no surprise that Dornbracht is considered the “Rolls Royce” in the plumbing world. They have mastered the creation of functional and architecturally beautiful fixtures. Some say that their pieces could be featured in a modern museum today.

Demonstrating their masterful work, the CL. 1 bath faucet won Interior Design magazine’s Best of the Year Award in 2015. This faucet is a combination of form and function with its textured handles and sophisticated faucet of forty individual water streams. The CL. 1 is truly an experience.

2. Handcrafted fixtures
All of their fixtures are Deutsche made and handcrafted by Dornbracht. Besides sand casting and hand polishing their products, Dornbracht also uses platinum metal for their finishes. This metal is highly-distinguished in the plumbing world, because it is long-lasting, durable, and exquisite.

As a perfect example, Dornbracht’s Lissé bathroom faucet is polished with not only platinum metal, but also chrome plating. This ensures a smooth finish and that it is true to its name. The word lissé in French is directly translated to smoothed.

3. The shower experience redefined
Dornbracht has not just created a functional shower, but they also have redefined showering all together. They have artistically designed their showers with horizontal and vertical showerheads, as well as making their showers and tubs personalized.

4. The high-technology Smart Water system
Smart Water products enable you to set your specific water temperature and tub level with a push of a button. For different family members, the Smart Water saves personalized adjustments to each user.

5. Designing your own water sequence with Ambiance Tuning
Ambiance Tuning is also an innovative product ahead of the game. It is a shower system that streams choreographed water. You are able to set your showerhead to a specific water temperature and rhythm.

6. Bringing nature experiences to your home with Sensory Sky
Sensory Sky creates the opportunity for indoor weather experiences. Have you ever wanted to experience tropical mist indoors? This feature allows you to have that experience and more. Sensory Sky is complete with three programs of mist, light rain, and rainbow mist. All of these programs come with fragrances to enhance your experience.

We hope this guide helps you gain a better understanding of how Dornbracht is ahead of the game in the plumbing world and why we are proud to carry this distinguished brand. If you are interested in using Dornbracht products for your home, please come visit our showrooms, give us a call, and talk to one of our experts!