Toto bathroom items

TOTO’s High Quality Products

Your bathroom has many important fixtures. One of them is your toilet. Not only do you want it to look good, so as it fits the decor of your bathroom, you want it to be functional, and last a long time. For a large selection of high quality toilets, take a look at Toto.

What Does Toto Offer?

Toto has several types of toilets with many different options. You can choose from one piece, two piece or wall hung. Depending upon your style preference, you can choose something classic, modern or transitional. There are a limited number of glazes: cotton, colonial white, sedona beige, bone and ebony. The type of glaze used is called cefiontect. It ensures a completely smooth finish over your ceramic toilet, preventing the buildup of mold, limescale and other debris. There are several features for most of the toilets, such as ADA compliant, Calgreen compliant (in line with California’s green building standards), water sense and high efficiency.

TOTO's bathroom toilet

Is Toto Right For You?

If green is your mission, Toto can help. Many of the toilets are Calgreen. You also can choose a water saving toilet. The company itself is also continually working to reduce CO2 emissions and keep the manufacturing process as green as possible. However, if you are the type of person who prefers elaborate detail and a lot of color, they styles don’t differ all that much and they only have a limited number of glazes, and none of them are very colorful. Also, the glaze you choose affects the overall price of the toilet, meaning that if you are on a specific budget, you may not necessarily be able to afford the one you really want. And the prices can climb up into the thousands, not including installation.

The quality of your toilet is as important as it’s appearance. Toto offers a number of high quality toilets that may just be able to suit your specific needs.