The Stylish Options of Jeffery Court Tiles

Changing the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom is easy, provided you perform some research and decide how you want the rooms to look. If you are looking for a simple upgrade that takes very little time, consider adding new kitchen tiles to your kitchen, or new bathroom tiles to your powder room. If you want to make an even bigger impact, you may want to consider ordering some Jeffrey Court tiles.

Jeffery Court tiles are proud to have partnered with some of the most artistic designers in the industry to bring you design ideas to motivate and inspire you to create innovative installations.

Bathroom and Kitchen Tile Options

With Jeffery Court tiles, you will be getting the design and high quality. You will also be getting a unique look that will set your room off like no other!  You don’t have to plaster the entire wall with Jeffrey Court tiles. You can use them as a splash guard behind your stove, or perhaps in the shower where it gets wet the most.

In order for you to know what these beautiful but durable kitchen and bath tiles look like; a perusal of the tiles is an absolute must. You can always stop by International Bath and Tile to get an idea of what the tiles look like. Feast your eyes on exciting textures like:

  • Ceramic Mosaic Tile
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Glass/Stone/Metal/ Mosaic

Or even vibrant lively patterns that you can coordinate with stylish borders:

  • Ceramic Embossed Ornamental
  • Drawn Stone Decorative
  • Hand-Painted Decorative
  • Resin Decorative Tiles
  • Glass Decorative Tiles

Changing the look of your bathroom or kitchen needs some planning and experimenting with different kinds of textures and art forms. Try some of these ideas you will get that warm feeling of satisfaction that you have done something artistic, allowing you to sit back and admire your work.  

Stop by and talk with one of our sales consultants at International Bath and Tile and we will help you pick out the Jeffery Court tiles that will give your room a new look.