Stone Forest Bathroom Collection

The Stone Forest Collection

International Bath and Tile takes pride in providing the best products available for purchase. That includes unique products for the kitchen and bathroom. One of the great collections we provide to our customers is our Stone Forest Collection. Stone Forest Granite Sinks, Vanities Baths, Tubs, Basins & Kitchens are truly breathtaking. If you are looking for a unique stone for your bath or kitchen then Stone Forest is what you need. Purchase your new Stone Forest Granite Sinks, Counter Tops Tubs & Accessories from International Bath and Tile today.

Stone Forest bathroom sink

Stone Forest founded by Michael Zimber in 1989, had a love for stone and water. He was fascinated by the beauty of nature and the rock cliffs he liked to climb. He began to sculpt blocks of stone and wanted to bring his stones to life. He was truly mesmerized by nature and wanted to bring that beauty into people’s homes. Thus, the creation of Stone Forest. Twenty-five years later, Stone Forest is a group of artisans and designers focused on bringing the elegant simplicity of natural materials into the bath and garden.

Stone Forest offers many beautiful and unique products such as the Stone Forest – Elemental Stand, 36 Inch, With Wood Shelf, and Drawer. This gorgeous sink includes brass legs with knurled fittings that support any combination of stone, wood, and steel components. This unique design has integrated a stone sink, wood drawer, and wood shelving. If you are looking to continue Stone Forest throughout the bathroom they offer some amazing tubs as well. Stone Forest – Calma Roman Bathtub is carved from blocks of limestone and marquina taupe. Not only is it a stunning piece, but it also calms the mind and soothes the soul.

Stone Forest Papillon Bathtub

Stone Forests newest design is the Papillon Bathtub which is carved from a single block of Sandstone. The Papillon Bathtub is a free-standing piece cut and formed from solid blocks of stone that are millions of years old, and then refined with hammer and chisel. The end result is a striking functional sculpture that also represents the story and wonder of the earth itself. 

Don’t forget Stone Forest also offers beautiful sinks for the kitchen. Check out the entire collection at International Bath and Tile.