The Right Shower For You

As the bath and shower trends evolve in 2021, let’s not forget the details that can make a world of difference in the way your bathroom or shower looks and functions.  Shower heads are an important detail that you do not want to overlook when planning to remodel or rejuvenate your bathroom.  A shower head can dictate the overall feel of your shower and bathroom. So with that in mind, how does one choose the right one?

Types of Shower heads


A fixed head is mounted permanently to the wall or ceiling in the shower.  Some fixed heads can be adjusted to various heights to accommodate different people. These shower heads come in all shapes and sizes. Pick the right fixed showerhead according to the size and style of your shower.


A handheld head has a flexible hose or tube that is hung on a mounted wall bracket. This type of shower head allows for different ranges of motion and is good for bathing children, pets, and those with physical limitations. This type of shower head can also function as a fixed shower head when hung on the wall mount.

Which One is Good For Your Shower?

To determine which shower head to install depends on your needs for the shower. Is your shower used strictly for bathing purposes? To get the children clean? Or is the shower also your escape and time to relax?

A both types of shower heads come with different spray patterns. There are shower heads designed to feel like you are being drenched in a heavy soothing rain and some that have adjustable massaging units for relieving aching muscles.  Some allow you to control the amount of water flow and pressure to help in saving energy and money.

Choosing the right shower head will make a world of difference in your new shower or even make your old shower feel like new. Assess your needs and pick a shower head that will make the most out of your shower. Once you have determine what type of shower head you would like in the shower then you can move to what kind of finish you would like. Shower heads come in all sorts of finishes and material. Do you want brass, silver, gold, brushed nickel, or plastic? Just remember that the shower head should blend into the overall look of your bathroom, whether it is a spa-like bathroom or has a victorian feel to it.

Choosing the right shower head doesn’t have to be hard when you know options are available to you. Stop by our showroom or shop on our online store at Plumbtile has a wide variety of shower heads from many manufacturers like GraffMoen, and Grohe.