The Latest WASHLET+ Models from TOTO


TOTO creates quality of life through innovation, technology and design. The world’s largest toilet manufacturer is most known for its WASHLET toilet systems, which integrate advanced features for comfort, hygiene and cleanliness. In 2018, TOTO introduced two new WASHLET toilets: the Aquia IV WASHLET+ S550e and the WASHLET+ S500e.


WASHLET includes a heated seat and built-in bidet, with controllable settings, hands-free drying, effortless cleansing, and a SoftClose lid to prevent the accidental slam. WASHLET toilets are self-cleaning, automatic-flushing and water-saving.

Refining WASHLET Technology

TOTO describes WASHLET+ as the smart way to introduce the comfort and cleanliness of TOTO technology into your life. They have taken the already-elegant WASHLET and added the aesthetic appeal of a concealed connection, meaning cords and hoses are not visible, among other enhanced features.

Aquia IV WASHLET+ S550e and WASHLET+ S500e

Two styles of modern design—the sleek and the striking—meet in TOTO’s new Aquia IV WASHLET+ S550e and WASHLET+ S500e to deliver what the brand calls “a seamless organic sensibility.” Curves and lines replace cords and gaps, making either of these two personal cleansing systems a perfect match for any bathroom and accompanying décor. The Aquia IV WASHLET+ S550e and WASHLET+ S500e both include:

  • Toilet and WASHLET
  • Concealed connection
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet flush
  • Dual flush
  • SoftClose seat
  • Auto open/close lid
  • Remote control operation
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Air dryer
  • Night light
  • Proprietary TOTO technologies
  • + Additional features


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