The Innovative Design of Dornbracht Rainmoon

As a leader in innovative design, Dornbracht products are known for their craftsmanship and polish. The company represents exceptional innovation in the industry and our showroom.

At International Bath and Tile, we like to think of Dornbracht as the highest quality of the plumbing world, delivering nothing but the best with each exceptional product. One of our favorite products of Dornbracht is their Rainmoon which gives a multi-sensory water experience.

Dornbracht shower

Rainmoon represents a new dimension in the shower experience. Establishing the next level in the Dornbracht shower portfolio by creating a natural interplay of water and lighting combined with opening a broad spectrum of experiences for the body and mind. Rainmoon provides a completely unique encounter with the element of water. Resulting in the epitome of bliss, relaxation, and revitalization.

Dornbracht’s LifeSpa concept is a response to the growing desire for balance and as a counterpoint to everyday demands. With LifeSpa the bathroom offers the space for developing and maintaining personal health and Rainmoon is the elegant tool to do so.

Minimalist Design
Rainmoon’s minimalist design gives you the opportunity to simply focus on the experience. The central element is formed by a dome in the ceiling that is seamlessly integrated into its surroundings and merges almost invisibly with the bathroom or spa interior.

A concealed light strip within the dome’s semi-sphere builds an intense lighting experience. Looking up you will find a sense of infinity. Your daily shower transforms into the ultimate haven, giving you renewed energy and even meditative moments of deep relaxation.

Dornbracht shower

Luxurious Experience

The uniquely emotional water experience Rainmoon delivers is created by two innovative flow modes – aqua circle and tempest.

• Rain Shower
With the rain shower, the waterfalls down like a rain curtain, quietly and consistently, ensuing rain showers relaxing and meditative effects.

• Tempest
The Tempest flow mode introduces a natural experience of thundery showers pouring down from every direction, clearing the air while simultaneously ensuring relaxation and refreshment.

At IBT, we are truly excited that we can continue to provide customers with the finest and most inventive products through Dornbracht’s portfolio. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom to create a Zen-like haven, contact our showroom. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to introduce you to the Dornbracht product lines. Give us a call at (858) 268-3723 or visit our website to schedule a visit.