Newport Brass Faucets

The History of Newport Brass

We are incredibly grateful for the relationships we have cultivated over the years with our featured brands which includes Newport Brass. Newport Brass was founded in 1987 by Ross Escalette in an effort to fill a need in the marketplace for premium priced solid brass faucets and fixtures. The brand was backed by the promise of quality and service from day one.

In 2002, the company was purchased by Masco, one of the largest American manufactures of consumer products for the homeowner and construction markets.

To this day, Newport Brass operates under the mantra of a preferred brand for quality and customization of bath, shower and kitchen products.

Newport Brass Faucets

Newport Brass preaches the Theory of Lean.  This idea stresses the importance of creating a product of value, by reducing redundant manufacturing processes, and striving for perfection in quality and time management.

Almost thirty years later, Newport Brass has perfectly implemented the Theory of Lean by creating products made of solid brass construction. These products are impervious to elements, extremely durable and naturally resistant to corrosion.  Most importantly, Newport Brass products add a sophisticated beauty to the home.

Minimal automation, highly skilled craftsmanship, and sleek, polished designs is the standard for all Newport Brass products.

Valves are 100% pressure and leak tested.  Additionally, valve bodies are manufactured from machined brass. This drip-free performance leads to a lifetime of smooth handle control.

Newport Brass Shower Set

Newport Brass offers customization of their products.  With Newport Brass, a customer has the option to modify, or build from more than 30 different product collections available in 27 decorative finishes.

Newport Brass also offers under sink solutions.  From drain trim kits, to waste and overflow kits, as well as toilet supply kits, customers are able to match the same color and style as their fixture, making a truly holistic package down to the finest detail.

Newport Brass give the feeling that this company prides itself as being a group that produces quality and value.