The Elegant Style of Wetstyle

One of the manufacturers we carry for designer bathtubs, sinks and lavatories is WETSTYLE.  WETSTYLE has been around for over 20 years and has set the standard for quality and simplicity when designing modern bathroom products. If you are looking for an elegant solution for your bathroom then you will want to choose.

WETSTYLE uses high-tech material: WETMAR™ which is smooth and sleek in design. This fusion of natural stone and plastic is ideal for the creation of fresh, new product forms, and is available in a glossy or matte white finish. If you are looking for a beautiful WETSTYLE bathtub  be sure to visit Plumbtile for our lowest pricing available.

There are quite a few different collections and styles with WETSTYLE. Their cube collection comes in 10 different models. They are either rectangular or slightly tapered, and are either freestanding, mounted on a base or on legs. Did you know this collection is Inspired by Japanese bathing rituals? The OVE collection is Oval-shaped with narrow or wide edges. They are all just absolutely stunning.

There are beautiful console sinks with oak pedestals provide an earthy finishing touch for both collections. The sleek design of the sinks represents a modern version of the stone washbasins. The sinks come in round, elliptical or rectangular models with oval interior basins, for single or double use. WETSTYLE collection of bathroom fixtures with furniture are available in rift-cut oak veneer or a stainless steel.

Wetstyle also offers a wide selection of bathroom furniture. They offer matching benches, cabinets, mirrors and towel rack. All of them are beautifully designed with modern flares. You can’t go wrong by creating a Wetstyle bathroom. If you are looking to create a spectacular bathroom, stop by  our showroom for all of your Wetstyle needs.