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The Elegant Style of VOLA!

Vola Bath and Kitchen Products

Your home speaks volumes about who you are and what your style is, your home is clean lines, modem fixtures and appliances, decadence and luxury your home is YOU in a design and style, then Vola is the perfect match for you.

Vola bath and kitchen products are influenced by Scandinavian design especially Arne Jacobsen. They use only the best quality materials in their products such as solid brass, gunmetal, and stainless steel. Vola’s materials are lead-free taking into consideration your health and the environment when making their products.

Vola emphasis on those little touches in every bathroom that you don’t think about but when you find them you think it is brilliant! Such as wall-mounted faucets, I bet you don’t think about the faucet placement since you are used to the standard ones on the sink or vanity. But there is very little room to clean around them and they take up quite a bit of space, however, if you mounted them on the wall not only it is an interesting look but you have space opened up and you can clean around them.

Vola’s shower systems are by far the best out there with their freestanding thermostatic showers, bath and shower combinations not to mention their bath accessories. Just to name a few; their heated towel racks, automatic soap dispensers, and built-in trash cans. Everything is sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully designed.

With so many different accessories, if you are redesigning your bathroom or kitchen, Vola Scandinavian Bathroom and Kitchen Products have exactly what you are looking for! Vola eliminates the middle man and purchases right from the manufacture giving you the highest quality products and all products come with a full warranty from the manufacture.

So, in your quest for the perfect bathroom or kitchen look no further, Vola has all the touches you need to make your dream home happen!