The Decorative Style of Doralife

Doralfe is a bathroom faucet and sink company under the Phylrich company, with options that are ones you may not find at other faucet companies. Is this company a good option for you? It could be, should you be looking for a luxury faucet that is ornate and one-of-a-kind. For those of us a little flashier than most–those with a unique sense of individuality that would like expression–Doralfe could be your dream company. We’re going to explore their options on their site to give you a good idea of what to expect and whether it sounds like a good fit for you.

Doralfe: Their Products

Even if you’d just like entertainment and to expand your mind about what bathroom faucets can look like, we recommend checking out the Baroque collection. Of course, they offer more subdued contemporary, traditional, and transitional styles, but even these have an interesting point of view and could work perfectly for those looking for something that people will remember.

Their Regent Collection under their traditional style umbrella has the option of adding semi-precious stones for the handles and their transitional styles are nice, but it is obvious that these are not the gems of the collection. It is the Baroque style that made Phylrich’s reputation, and some of these options include faucets in the shape of dolphins, swans, and crystals for accents.

Great Option for the Adventurous

This company has faucets that you would never find anywhere else. It is like a precious gem of a firm that doesn’t go with the crowd. Their faucets are a perfect option for people who are whimsical and want to find something that is unconventional. Have a house that is unique like you; choose a company like Doralfe and have your home reflect who you truly are.

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