LTS Ceramics

The Beauty of LTS Ceramics

Tile is a durable material that is rather versatile. You can use it for your floors. It can be placed on walls. You can use a variety of shapes and sizes to create different patterns, giving you the freedom to make your home more you. Perhaps you want something more elaborate than what you have time for, or you aren’t as artistic as you would like to be. LTS Ceramics can create interesting tile patterns that you are sure to love.

What Does LTS Ceramics Offer?

LTS Ceramics has a large selection of many types of tiles. They offer ceramic panels, which are painted and pieced together to create a picture. They also offer mosaic panels, which contain an image created entirely of smaller tiles. Along with these panels, LTS also carries several different collections, all of which are unique. Many of the collections are inspired by old-world Mediterranean styles. Most are hand painted, but the Bardo collection is all mosaics, where the tiles are cut and pieced together by the artists.

Is LTS Ceramics Right For You?

The mosaic tiles created by LTS are unique since they are hand cut and put together by the artisans. This means that if you choose to work with them, you will be getting something completely original, even if you choose something like what you can find already created in their warehouse. The tiles and mosaics can work just about anywhere in your home. You can use them as part of your floor, a kitchen backsplash, or even outdoors in a pool area. If you know you want what LTS has to offer but can’t find a design that speaks to you, they do offer customized orders, giving you the chance to flex your creativity with the artists. Prices are hard to find on their products, however. You will have to contact the company for that information, so it is difficult to say how budget-friendly these beautiful pieces are.

You want your home to be as unique as you. Your design choices speak volumes. LTS Ceramics can offer you, or help you create, one-of-a-kind, interesting tiles and mosaics that can help you feel truly at home.

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