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TOTO has transfigured the bathroom with a state-of-the-art line of commercial and residential bathroom fixtures and fittings.  They are designed to provide a superior experience. TOTO provides a distinctive blend of design, innovation, technology, attention to detail, and quality. TOTO products will give you an experience of nature’s purest element combined with luxury and simplicity.

The bathroom has so much more to offer than just a place to go and relieve yourself. It is a space to ready yourself for the day or to prepare for an evening out. It is where you go to escape and relax after a long, stressful day of work. For all the use it…

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Duravit is a manufacturer of bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets. It is a German company with a European style sensibility. Their toilets are unique to the United States, with designs that you wouldn’t necessarily find on this side of the pond. Their bathroom sinks offer something modern and elegant for a bathroom, with some…

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