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At International Bath & Tile, we proud that we offer Porcelanosa Bath products and provide you with the best in functionality and modernity. Whether it is a full or partial bathroom remodel, Porcelanosa Bath products has an extensive collection of highly functional and modern bathroom offerings to meet all your remodeling desires and needs.

If you love the environment, why stop at just one eco-friendly room in your house? Why not make your bathroom eco-friendly too? It just makes perfect sense. There are so many ways you can improve this five by eight sized room. Having an eco-friendly bathroom will be a great way to start going green. This will…

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The Beauty of Gift Giving

At International Bath & Tile, style is everything. We have a simple philosophy: Everyone we work with deserves the absolute best in style, service, price and execution. With the holidays right around the corner, nothing could be more true about gift giving. We know our clients feel the same way. That is why we have…

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