Stylish Tiles from Interceramic

Interceramic is a company begun in 1979 by the Almeida family. They are one of the biggest producers of glazed tile in the United States and can produce 500 million square feet of ceramic floor and wall tile. They strive to produce superior products and great customer service. They began in Chihuahua, Mexico, and now span the globe, from Asia to Central America to the United States.

They offer many kinds of products, including porcelain, ceramic, high density, decorative, and glass tile. Does this company have good products?

The Product

There are few reviews of the actual product online, but we can take an educated guess on whether they have high-quality tile. One thing that could possibly not bode well with them is that they are such a big company. Many times, when you grow to such a degree, things like customer service and quality go out the window. However, one positive thing about them is that they are still owned by the same family and haven’t been taken over by a big corporation, which could mean that their products and quality haven’t taken a cut.

It looks like they have a good selection of ceramic and porcelain tile flooring, and they seem to be stylish and of good quality.

Interceramic: Most likely, a Quality Company

We’ll say that this company seems to make quality tile and probably are better than other big companies, mainly because they are still owned by the same family. This gives them leg up on the other tile companies out there. They have a good selection and look to be high quality as well, with decorative elements and stylistic touches. They are on the conservative side when it comes to design, but still, have some elements that are interesting.

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