Small apartments and homes typically offer a lot of appeal and charm, they will in general be inadequate with regards to kitchen space. Fortunately, there are numerous amounts of small kitchen suggestions that expand capacity and effectiveness. No layout is too small, regardless of whether your kitchen is restricted to a solitary divider, U-molded, or built out from a corner.

In any case, making a small kitchen effective is a certain something; making a small kitchen look extraordinary is another. with regards to making a functional and snazzy little kitchen, most feel baffled. whether you are revamping and beginning without any preparation or simply hoping to invigorate your current space, you will need to check out these small kitchen configuration tips to help expand your space.

Cabinets and Open Shelving

If the kitchen has high ceilings, consider extending the cabinetry that goes as far as possible up to. Regardless of whether you are not capable to include another column of cabinets, think about utilizing the space on the head of your current cabinetry for additional storage. You can also incorporate glass front cabinets to open the space up.

Open shelves are an outstanding method to boost your restricted space in the kitchen. Simultaneously, they provide a way of maximizing your small kitchen walls. Ultimately, this option has advantages too. You can see all your beautiful dishes and glassware without any problem by arranging them on your open shelving.

White on White

White kitchens make for astounding small kitchen designs. It will never be a mistake when deciding on white for a small kitchen. However, while an all-white aesthetic without a doubt adds an expansive feel to the kitchen, some become concerned it will leave the core of the home stale.  White can make any space look bigger, more brilliant, and more open. But this is actually what you need to do when you have little kitchen space, or you don’t have a lot of extra storage.

Color Tiles

The addition of a white marble countertop that will help break up the monotony of white designs. Also, opt for a pop of color and dimension with a Boyce & Bean tile backsplash.

What about the Appliances?

If you are truly short on space, you can deck out your small kitchen with appliances that occupy way less space. The ability to purchase compact refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and sinks are easier to locate now because of the internet.

Another trick is to incorporate appliances into the cabinetry. It provides a sleek design throughout the kitchen.

Don’t forget the Lighting

Lighting can have a gigantic influence with regards to your kitchen design. A space that is lit appropriately will appear more welcoming. Utilize a mix of lighting ideas in a tiny kitchen. Meaning, utilizing various layers of lighting in the kitchen. Lighting is not only used to brighten up the kitchen but is used as a decorative feature as well.

Ambient lighting is the most regularly used type of lighting. The motivation behind this layer of lighting is to provide luminescence’s throughout the small kitchen. Another layer of lighting is task lighting for designated spaces. For example, installing a light above the sink or under cabinet lighting. And do not forget the accent lighting like wall sconces.

Just because your kitchen may lack square footage does not mean it cannot be stylish. These insightful design ideas allow you to create a functional yet stunning kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and need the help of a professional, contact or staff today at International Bath & Tile or visit our online store at