small bathroom sink

Small Bathroom Design

One of the hardest to decorate rooms in your home is likely your smallest bathroom, as small bathroom designs are hard to come by. They require a unique perspective as to how to make the most of each square inch of the room. You need to be able to still use the bathroom like it’s meant to be used but fill it with just enough storage to make the room useable as if it were a larger room. Here are a few ways that you can increase what your small bathroom has to offer.

Unique Small Bathroom Designs

The first place to start when looking over small bathroom designs is the items that are in the room that needs to be there. This means the bathroom sink, vanity, and toilet. These bathroom fixtures need to be the right size for the room and have the most usability coming out of them. If you have a vanity that takes up half of the floor space of your small bathroom, then it should be swapped out for another, more fitting bathroom fixture. The sink should be just big enough to be useable, but not so big that it extends up into the mirror space. The toilet should be just large enough to be usable, but not in the way when your try to use any other part of the room.

Stone Forest under sink storage

Once you have these parts of your small bathroom designs figured out, it is time to figure out where you can add in more storage. Think hanging shelves, corner units, and in-vanity storage, and under sink storage whenever possible.

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