Signs Your Space is Due For a Remodel

Your home should reflect your personality and taste. If your space feels generic or impersonal, it may be time for an update. After living in a home for years, it’s common for the decor to feel stale. Life changes like marriage, children, new hobbies, or changes in style preferences can leave you feeling disconnected from your surroundings.

Knowing when it’s time for a full remodel can be tricky. Minor renovations might bandage the issues but fail to solve the underlying problems with your space. A full remodel allows you to reimagine the purpose, flow, and feel of a room from the ground up. It’s an investment but will leave you with a living environment perfectly customized to your family. A remodel can even increase the value of your home if done right.

So how do you know when to take the plunge with a full remodel? Here are some key signs your space is due for an overhaul.


Outdated Design Elements

The decor in your home has a huge impact on the overall aesthetic and feel of the space. If you’ve had the same decor pieces, color scheme, and style for many years without updating, it’s likely that your home’s decor now feels stale and dated.

When you walk into a room full of outdated decor elements like faded wallpaper, old area rugs, heavy drapery, and cluttered knick-knacks, it’s easy to feel like you’ve stepped back in time. The space lacks a modern sensibility and doesn’t reflect your current tastes or lifestyle.

Dated decor can make your home seem dark, stuffy, and disconnected from current interior design trends. It can be challenging for guests to feel comfortable and at home in a space that seems trapped in another era.

Update with International Bath and Tile

International Bath & Tile offers beautiful and innovative products that can completely transform outdated spaces. Here are some real-life examples of stunning remodels using their tile, fixtures, and accessories:

An undated master bathroom can lack style and function. An old, jetted tub can take up valuable space that can be used for storage. By replacing the tub with a spacious walk-in shower a homeowner can create a relaxing oasis. Sleek floating vanities with modern sconces and chrome fixtures can complete a luxurious new design.

Drab kitchen backsplashes can really detract from the enjoyment of cooking and hosting. A kitchen can dramatically improve by installing an eye-catching backsplash from a large variety of tiles from International Bath & Tile. You can use different shapes and color palettes to choose from you can bring vibrancy and character into the space.

Poor or inadequate lighting can make any space feel dreary and dated. When a room is not properly illuminated, it becomes difficult to complete tasks, appreciate the décor, and feel comfortable. Dim lighting casting dark shadows in corners or leaving entire areas shrouded in gloom creates an unwelcoming, uninviting ambiance. This makes the space feel smaller, outdated, and dismal. By remodeling with new lighting that provides ample illumination placed in optimal locations, any room can be completely transformed. The right lighting uplifts and modernizes the entire ambiance. With lighting options by International Bath and Tile, your space will not only look updated but also become a truly enjoyable and functional living area.


Functionality Issues

Not having enough storage space is one of the most common reasons homeowners decide it’s time for a remodel. If your cupboards, closets, and other storage areas are overflowing, it creates clutter that makes your home feel disorganized and chaotic.

Insufficient storage leads to frustration as you constantly search for a place to put things. You may find yourself stacking boxes in the corner, cramming overflow items into the garage, or keeping things in makeshift piles. This lack of organization permeates the home, making it feel cramped and stressful.

Remodeling to add more kitchen and bathroom cabinets, shelves, and closets can provide the additional storage you desperately need. In the bathroom a new vanity with storage that can help store your personal bathroom needs. Built-in storage solutions allow you to neatly tuck items out of sight, creating a tidier, more soothing environment. Proper storage also reduces daily hassles, as everything has a designated spot.

Inefficient Layout

An inefficient layout can make a space feel cluttered, cramped, and frustrating to navigate. If your home’s layout doesn’t work well for your lifestyle or daily habits, it’s likely time for a remodel.

Kitchen: your kitchen can have a closed-off layout or limited counter space. Modern kitchens emphasize an open concept with islands and plenty of room to prep and cook. Kitchen appliances can be awkwardly placed and can cause traffic flow to be inefficient. A kitchen remodel can optimize the kitchen workflow to be more sufficient. A kitchen can also lack key features like a pantry, wine fridge, or tech station for devices. Remodeling allows you to add specialized storage and prep areas.

Bathroom: If your bathroom lacks adequate storage for towels and toiletries, remodeling can allow custom built-in storage. Outdated plumbing and fixtures like small medicine cabinets, low-flow toilets, and poor-performing showers are also reasons why you might need to remodel to give one of the busiest rooms in your home a functional and updated look.

A remodeling allows you to upgrade the layout and features to meet the functionality you need. By opening up spaces and reconfiguring appliances and storage, your kitchen and bathroom can become truly livable again.


Wear and Tear

Over time, floors, cabinets, counters, and other surfaces can become worn, damaged, and degrade the enjoyability of your home. Scratched or faded floors lose their luster and make a space feel dirty even when clean. Cabinets with peeled laminate or chipped corners give off an unkempt vibe. Stained or cracked countertops prevent you from wanting to prepare meals in the kitchen.

Worn and damaged surfaces not only detract from aesthetics but can also present safety hazards. Loose floor tiles or warped boards can cause trips and falls. Failing caulk around sinks, tubs, and showers allows water penetration that leads to mold growth. Counters with deep grooves harbor bacteria and are difficult to properly sanitize.

Replacing floors, cabinets, and counters through a remodel allows you to restore surfaces to like-new condition. New materials will be clean, and durable, and enhance the usability of your home. With a variety of options like stone, quartz, laminate, and tile, you can select surfaces that align with your favored style. By remodeling worn elements, you can renew the look and feel of your living spaces.

Lifestyle Changes

When a family expands with the arrival of children, a cozy bungalow can suddenly feel cramped and impractical. A kitchen can lack counter space and storage that is needed with a growing family. A single bathroom was a tight squeeze for a family with multiple members. Homeowners and their families can dread mealtimes and mornings spent getting the kids ready. A home can become dated and inadequate almost overnight.

You may find yourself living in a home that no longer suits your lifestyle or tastes. If your rooms elicit sighs instead of smiles, it’s likely time for a remodel. A makeover or remodel can be solved with beautiful solutions from International Bath and Tile. With the right upgrades, you can transform the look and feel of your home.


If your home is starting to show signs of age, it may be time for a remodel. An outdated kitchen or bathroom can make the space feel dark, dysfunctional, and disconnected from the rest of your home. Signs like worn surfaces, poor lighting, and lack of cohesion indicate your space is due for an upgrade.

Remodeling provides the opportunity to fix any functionality issues, replace deteriorating surfaces, improve lighting, and finally give your space a unified aesthetic. With high-quality products from International Bath and Tile and the help of a professional designer, you can transform the look and feel of your home. The result will be a revitalized space you feel good spending time in.

When assessing if your home needs a remodel, don’t ignore the clear signals. Taking on the project allows you to recreate the ambiance and make the space work for your lifestyle again. With some vision and expert help, you can make your home look and feel brand new.