Robern's Mirrors

Brand Spotlight: Robern’s Elegant Mirrors

Robern mirrors has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge ideas and technology, constantly reinventing what it means to be the top modern luxury brand for homeowners, architects, and designers.

From its humble beginnings to a technological force within residential and commercial design, Robern remains the answer for designers, architects, and consumers seeking out the finest in modern, sophisticated cabinetry, vanities, and lighting. Now in its 50th year, Robern has elevated everyday routines to the extraordinary continuing to set the luxury standard with its unparalleled craftsmanship, cutting-edge innovation, and uncompromising quality.

Let’s talk about mirrors! Mirrors can make a great statement in your bathroom. It can help tie in all your other bathroom accessories together to bring style and elegance. As a bathroom owner, it’s important to understand how mirrors can help transform the space and bring you added convenience. Whether it’s a full bathroom or half bath, you should consider installing one larger mirror in your home to make it look bigger. With additional mirrors, you can also add light and brighten up the room by reflecting the available sunlight into the space.

Robern’s Mirrors:

Robern's rounded corner metal mirrors

Round Corner Metal Mirrors: Robern embodies the modern, minimalist style with its signature metal frame design. This Round Corner Metal Mirror adds sophistication to any space with decorative metal framing and a timeless minimalist silhouette. Its matte black finish is great for coordinating with any room design.

Robern Thin Framed Mirrors

Thin Framed Mirror: The Robern Thin Framed Mirror is a versatile piece that can be used in any setting, from the bathroom to the entryway. Featuring a stainless steel frame and mirror that’s hand-welded as a solid piece, the Thin Framed Mirror will add a crisp, minimal look to your room.

Industrial Metal Mirrors: Robern’s Industrial Metal Mirrors are a new way to add style and drama to any space. Bold corner accents in contrasting metal finishes add timeless, rustic beauty to your space. Industrial Metal Mirrors are made from our high-quality industrial steel and glass frames and can be mounted individually or grouped together for impact.

Robern's mix metal mirrors

Mixed Metal Mirrors: Mixed metals, a factory-inspired design is a dainty mix of metal and wood that makes up this three-mirror design adds a bit of subtle glam to any space. Crafted from mixed metals and fluted corner metalwork, it’s the perfect pairing of simple and dramatic.

Robern's round metal mirror

Round Metal Mirrors: Add a dash of old-world charm to your space with our Robern Round Metal Mirrors. Their beautiful mirrors are crafted from thin brass framing, creating a subtle vintage feel that perfectly blends with any design style, from industrial to modern. This beautiful round brass mirror is the perfect way to add character and elegance to any space.

Robern's scalloped metal mirrors

Scalloped Metal Mirrors: Add a touch of drama and elevated design to your space with these scalloped metal mirrors. The vintage-inspired shape adds interest, whether you’re styling your home with vintage touches or a contemporary palette. And the clean, modern lines will fit seamlessly into just about any style.

Robern's triptych metal mirrors

Triptych Metal Mirrors: Robern’s triple mirror design is crafted from steel and walnut bringing a modern touch to any room. The triptych metal frame creates an interesting focal point, with adjustable side panels that allow you to create the perfect lounge room or shower mirror setup.

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