Brand Spotlight: Relax in Dornbracht’s Comfort Shower

Dornbracht is a pioneer in the development of private, luxury spa experiences that can be enjoyed in the comfort of home. Their products leave nothing to be desired when it comes to design and appearance, but also when it comes to their suitability for use day in, day out. This is why you will find only high-quality materials and craftsmanship behind each one of Dornbracht’s creations. They have years of experience and a sound understanding of spa and bathroom architecture, making them ready to assist with your individual needs.

Dornbrachts Comfort Shower

Water is one of nature’s most powerful forces. It’s also an elemental human experience.  Dornbracht consistently develops innovative water concepts that are based on a holistic understanding of the positive power of water. The new Comfort Shower System with Rain Shower Spout is designed to relax and refresh.

Pamper yourself like never before with a therapeutic Comfort Shower. Let the individual elements of the adjustable shower massage your body and provide intense regeneration. Create an interplay between the flow of water and air bubbles to relax your body or enjoy a comfortable bath. The sitting position when taking a shower makes it possible to forget all physical effort and concentrate on yourself with just one goal: relaxation!

Dornbracht Comfort Shower

Comfort Shower is a spacious, luxurious shower cabin that brings an element of wellness to the bathroom. The shower combines three different shower functions – the rain head JustRain, the powerful Watersheet, and hydrotherapy jets in the shoulder area. These soft water jets soothe and regenerate muscles and joints while being washed with warm water. Enjoy a sensational shower experience at home every day – with a Comfort Shower!

A shower for well-being with an elegant design. Clear, simple lines and a minimalist profile accent the high-quality materials used to create this timeless classic. A real work of art: The five different water-releasing technology options available in the Comfort Shower offer an extraordinary experience, along with practical features such as rounded edges and integrated stainless steel profiles.

Dornbracht is on the cutting edge of modern design, with a product range that includes showers, taps, faucets, and accessories. We are committed to staying ahead of trends and actively working toward a better future. This is why we are a distributor of Dornbracht’s high-end products that will make your bathroom a spa!