Quality Hirsch Glass Tiles

Installing stained glass into a home’s design can create a magical presence. However, that is not normally an option for most people. So instead, we can place beautiful stained-glass pieces or tiles in the kitchen or bathroom to create that beautiful look. Hirsch Glass Tiles are the market leader in stained-glass tile and mosaic manufacturing.

The Hirsch Glass Tile carries the collections such as the Allure Collection, Blended Ice Collection, Braided Jewel Tile Collection, Earth and Art Tile Collection, Earth and Art Offset Collection, and the Frames Tile Collection are original in design. They offer some beautiful earth tones in these collections that add a neutral design to any residential or commercial space. The glass and mosaic tiles can be used as backsplashes, wall tiles, or decorative wall art in the office, kitchen, bath, or lobby.

Hirsch Glass Tile backsplash

Hirsch Glass was established in 1992 and has focused on designing the best quality-stained glass products and tiles. Hirsch Glass has designed its architectural tiles based on its background in Tiffany lamps and stained-glass windows. Art Glass tiles, mosaics, and panels are produced at the company’s high-capacity manufacturing facility in Pulandian, China.

International Bath and Tile carries the largest selection of Hirsch Glass tiles. There is a design for everyone’s style. Some of the collections We also carry the Hirsch Glass Tile Signature Collection,  Hirsch Glass Tile Silhouette Collection, Hirsch Glass Tile Sparkle Collection, Hirsch Glass – Vogue and so many more.

Each collection has specific styles and colors. These tiles are beautifully crafted in earthy tones. If you are going for a milder look of stained glass, you can choose a tile within this collection. I

International Bath and Tile has a collection of tiles for everyone. If you have any questions you can contact one of our specialists who are waiting to assist you.