Mosaic tiles

Mosaic Tile Ideas For Your Home

Flooring has always been one of the focal points of a room. You walk into it, and it is literally the first thing you see so you can make a statement with something so simple and beautiful as flooring.

The flooring trends have changed but subtly over the last 50 years from parquet in 1960’s which made a come-back from the 1600’s. In the 1970’s everyone wanted functional and strong so asbestos vinyl was the floor to have, this trend carried on into the 1980’s. Starting with the 1990’s people were getting back to nature, so the look of wood was all the rage and laminates were the floor to have. The looked like hard wood, felt like hard wood but didn’t have the hardwood price tag. Now we are in the year 2017 and tiles are the flooring to beat. If you want to make your WOW statement you add tiles but not any tiles, MOSAIC tiles!

Besides the beauty of tile, you have other qualities that make tile attractive for floors and walls; the way the light reflects off it, durability, easy to clean and freshens up the area. When you want to make a change in a room add or replace the tile to bring new life to that room and enhance the fixtures.

Tile can be used for the wainscoting, border tile, flooring, shower tile or all over and in every room of your house. Tile isn’t just for your bathrooms anymore. Let’s look at each option:

Wainscoting tile works just like wood, and it extends halfway up the wall, but it isn’t just for the dining room anymore. Give your bathroom a little character with a wainscoting tile that enhances the paint on the walls.

Border Tile a strip of mosaic tile or colored glass above your wainscoting painted wall gives your room a warm and inviting look.

Tile flooring is a durable alternative to wood or vinyl tiles. Wood over time will warp when exposed to water and vinyl…. well, that is outdated.

Shower Tile Make a statement by using a different tile in your shower, this will help to define the area.

All over tile, especially mosaic tile can not only bring your rooms to life, but it will also make you want to live in your rooms. Make your home your oasis by defining each room with different tile patterns.

Mosaic tiles are not just beautiful, but they also allow you to express your personality in small areas such as borders and shower tiles or expansive areas with all over tiling, wainscoting and floor tiles.

Don’t be afraid to add that WOW factor to your living space! International Bath and Tile’s experienced sales staff can help you pick out the tiles you need for any room!