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Modernize Your Bathroom

Updating Your Bathroom

When you buy a home, you have that home for years. Generally outliving the appliances and features that made it a modern home at the time, but now 10 years later and everything seems dull and outdated.

Time to renovate! When you renovate you can make small changes that will enhance your current fixtures or you can do a major overhaul and change it all from top to bottom. But if you plan on selling your house you will always get the best offers with updated kitchens and bathrooms.

A bathroom is no longer a place to just go in use it and get out. Most people enjoy luxury items like spa tubs, shower systems and unique flooring and wall tiles. The easiest way to get started is to first decide on a style you want. Once you know what that is then you can tailor the rest of the room around that style. Always use your space wisely if you get cabinetry that is too big you will make the room seem smaller then it is and in the same respect if you get cabinets that are too small you will make the room seem cavernous.

Now that you have a style in mind start with the floors and walls, what color walls, usually in a bathroom you might want to think about creamy, earth tone colors. Make sure your floors tie in with the wall color and then decide if your room is big enough to have a free-standing shower or do you need a tub/shower combo. Even with a tub/shower combo you can still enjoy the spa feel with a nice shower system and a tub with jets.

Porcelanosa tubs

If you are not rerouting water and drain lines you can just replace the existing vanity and toilet with new, sleep modern ones that will enhance the room. You can replace the toilet with a water saving toilet that has a dual flush and that clunky medicine cabinet with a beautiful mirror.

Remodeling a bathroom can make your home feel updated. Changing up your style can give your bathroom a whole new feel and look. Stop by our showroom and we can help you pick the bathroom items and accessories you are looking for!