Making Your Bathroom Safe and Enjoyable

With bathrooms being one of the most used rooms in your home, you want to assure that your bathroom is not only decorated as you would like, but also safe for all who will use your bathroom.  Many simple updates can be made in your bathroom to assure the safety, especially for those with special physical needs. 

We have all been through this. You are taking your shower and suddenly the temperature of the water goes too hot!  Not a nice experience and can be dangerous if the temperature to too hot which can cause scalding. This is usually happens when someone flushes a toilet, turns on the washer or uses a faucet for water in your home.

To solve this unpleasant shower experience, it usually takes installing a pressure-balance valve in your shower. Pressure-balancing devices will prevents severe water temperature changes by automatically adjusting the temperature fluctuations whenever water is diverted from the tub or shower.  Even in an instance when the water pressure drops drastically, a pressure-balance valve ensures that the water temperature doesn’t change by more than 3° F.

These devices are typically used in hospitals and nursing homes to prevent scalding. Why not protect your family as well with this safety device?  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, each year some 200,000 Americans suffer injuries caused by sudden changes in water temperature while they’re bathing.

Using certain bath accessories can also make your bathroom safe, especially if someone is experiencing an injury, small children, elderly or handicapped. Using the right bathroom accessories can mean the difference for preventing accidents and serious injury. Using bathroom safety accessories can be decorative as well as provide safety. Using grab bars can assure the well being of individuals with physical limitations. Grab bars can be put in tubs, showers and even near toilets for easy access.

Plumbtile: Graff Elect Shower 001

Also installing walk in showers and free standing sinks that can be used for individuals who need to have a bathroom that is wheelchair accessible.  Installing an elevated toilet seat to make access easier for anyone with difficulty sitting or rising from a seated position can be helpful. If you do not have a walk in shower, installing a shower chair in your tub or shower to make bathing easier for anyone with difficulty standing for long periods of time. Also adding a hand shower to make bathing and showering easier and comfortable is also recommended in your bathroom.

Check out the many bathroom accessories and bath safety products that Plumbtile has to offer when you’re caring for others or taking care of yourself. Our broad selection of durable but fashionable products and accessories will unite function, safety and style for dependable home safety and comfort.