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Lefroy Brooks bathroom taps collection of contemporary bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Lefroy Brooks manufactures a full range of shower and tub sets, kitchen faucets, bath faucets and accessories, even towel warmers.

Hand-crafted Bathrooms by Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks bath and kitchen products are defined by functionality, quality, and durability, as well as cutting-edge elegant designs. The Lefroy Brooks brassware factory, located in Wolverhampton, England, creates some of the most stunning designs, suitable for any decorating style.

Lefroy Brooks carries on the tradition of esteemed excellence by creating a luxury class for plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

The Benefits of Lefroy Brooks Kitchen Faucets

Lefroy Brooks is a popular manufacturer of kitchen products for your home. You do not have to trade excellence for costs when you choose Lefroy Brooks.

Lefroy Brooks took on the task of studying the different century of faucets and choosing the great classics from each decade. From their domestic origins in the late Victorian era through the mechanical thinness of the Edwardians, the curvaceous turn of the century French, the colonial twenties, the Deco thirties, the streamlined fifties, the sparky sixties to the nineteen seventies when it all seemed to begin again.

Lefroy Brooks bathroom accerssories

Whichever designer faucet you choose for your home or commercial kitchen, stop by at ibtsdiego.com for more information. You can’t go wrong with the style and design of Lefroy Brooks kitchen faucets. Each manufacturer will bring style and guarantee performance with their large selection of kitchen faucets.

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