Brand Spotlight: Kallista’s Freestanding Bathtubs

Kallista’s modern lines, clean design, and the one-piece dolomitic marble cast-stone construction are just a few of the reasons why Laura Kirar endures as a worldwide source of iconic beautiful bathroom furnishings. The luxury of the Kallista collection will decorate your home and provide an environment of exceptional comfort in any bathroom. A timelessly modern take on the classic bathtub, Kallista’s minimalist design allows it to blend seamlessly with your other favorite Laura Kirar products. Available in a variety of materials like cast stone, baltic amber, and limestone.

With Kallista’s freestanding bathtubs, exquisite elegance meets timeless design. Their one-piece marble cast-stone construction preserves heat longer and offers an organic look, complementing any bathroom interior from traditional to contemporary styles. The thickness of cast stone prevents cracking and provides unmatched durability. The one-piece construction also gives the tub a seamless appearance on top of adding strength and durability. High-gloss finish protects and enhances the surface while standing up to wear and tear everyday use.

Integrated slotted overflow for a deeper soak, the ideal foot position for stress relief during bathing, and allows for two bathers simultaneously, making the bathtub that much more enjoyable for all involved. The center side drain allows for a deeper soak or for your partner to sit facing you with only their legs submerged, allowing for deeper intimacy.

Kallista's freestanding

The first freestanding bathtub design engineered specifically for the North American market, Kallista brings a new level of luxury to your bathroom. From its innovative structure and materials to its superior ergonomic design, Kallista stands alone as masterfully built, confidently beautiful, and beautifully confident.

With over 20 years of experience designing bathrooms and kitchens for millions of homeowners, Kallista knows that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to bathroom design. Their mission is to create the most beautiful bathroom designs that match your style and fit into your space like a glove. New products include bathtubs, whirlpool spas, shower enclosures, water closers, and kitchen appliances.

Stop in and see us at International Bath and Tile and we can show you all the extraordinary products that Kallista has to offer you. We carry the best and newest products that Kallista has produced.