Kaldewei Quality Bath Products

Kaldewei Bathtub

When we decide to take a bath, we are not merely cleansing for basic hygiene. We are look for a sort of oasis. A mind, body and soul experience to renew our sanity. That’s why Kaldewei bathtubs are more than tubs and why they meet the highest standards of design and quality.

Kaldewei is made with steel enamel that is combined with steel and tough glass to form an inseparable bond. The design and product use are so strong and powerful that it is guaranteed to last 30 years. And since we spend more of our time in the bathroom quality like this is extremely important. Kaldewei is committed to their customer by maintaining eco-friendly manufacturing. Kaldewei has dedicated itself to environmental sustainability and is the first manufacturer of bathtubs to be certified under the IBU Environmental Declaration making Kaldewei products ideal for eco-friendly construction projects.

Kaldewei Bathroom Products

Kaldewei creates many different bathtub designs to fit all different styles. They come in different size, layout and style to fit individual needs and requirements. They can be small, large or even for one or two people. They can also be oval, square, or even round. The designers for Kaldewei have really taken into consideration each individual need and want. Some styles are Kaldewei Luxxo Duo, Kaldewei Mega Duo, Kaldewei Mini, Kaldewei Saniform, Kaldewei Vaio and so many more.

If you are not looking for a bathtub Kaldewei also designs shower trays to fit your needs. There are many designs and colors to choose from. We offer Kaldewei Conoflat, Kaldewei Duschplan XXL, Kaldewei Ladoplan and Kaldewei Superplan. You can choose from more than 136 different Kaldewei bathtubs and shower trays with many combination options.

The Kaldewei range of products also includes extensive accessories and system add-ons like paneling systems, installation aids, bathtub handles, anti-slip enamel, optional extras and care products.