Jefffrey Court Tiles

Jeffery Court: Quality Decorative Tile

Jeffrey Court is a designer and creator of high-quality decorative tile that fashions the greatest value imaginable to Interior Designers & homeowners.  Jeffrey Court’s story began with a husband-and-wife team. Jim and Janice Lawson decided to start their own hand-painted tile business in 1991. Throughout their 30-year journey together, their in-house design and development team at Jeffrey Court’s has produced hundreds of trendy but timeless pieces.

Jeffery Court Via Collection

Their journey brings their customers to the modern day, where they operate 3 divisions to best serve all their clients and distributors. All 3 divisions are run from their home office in Norco, CA, and additional warehouses in Georgia and Texas where each department drives to design a flawless experience from beginning to end. Jeffery Courts‘ skill and know-how have brought them to be a leader in the tile industry. At Jeffrey Court, their main goal is to provide an effortless experience and they do so by ensuring their products are in stock and ready to ship.

Glass mosaic tile offers sparkle and glamor to water features, pools, showers, tub surrounds, kitchen backsplashes, and a variety of home décor options. The decorative glass mosaic sheets and medleys featured in these Jeffrey Court chapters are designed to work beautifully on their own or in combination with other Jeffrey Court natural stone and ceramic chapters.

Jeffery Court Reef Collection

International Bath & Tile is an authorized dealer and represents Jeffrey Court Collections. Below are some of the collections they produce:

Via:  the focus on contemporary designs that complement retro workmanship.

Vintage Studio: represents a combination of classic vintage style with trendy design.

Stream Stone: famous for its neutral color palette and simple contemporary feel.

Suite Glass: a one-of-a-kind, innovative glass tile and mosaic design.

Modern Mixer: displays traces of colorful marble slivers, surrounded in patterns for a stylish appeal.

Reef Glass: an exquisite collection of glass tiles and mosaics highlighting a soft satin finish in a fresh color palette.

Cubist: inspired by the Avant-Garde movement of Cubism, these mosaics and wall tiles were thoughtfully intended to highlight the fragmented geometric shapes and multiple angles.

Europa Arte: these two general categories are Porcelain and Ceramic. The sub-series were sourced from Spain and Italy.

Arroya: inspired by a love for nature. This Collection embraces color patterns and textures. Arroya highlights travertine and ceramic pieces.

Align: Align facets clean lines and geometric shapes in three individual natural stones. 

Jeffrey Court Ashland & Halsted Collection

Ashland & Halstead: inspired by the peak of American industry, which focuses on fundamentals that best symbolized that era.

The Press: Inspired by newsrooms from the early 20th century, this collection uses a hexagon shape to create designs and patterns.

Park Place: Park Place Collection is all about enduring beauty, style, and glamour.

Altas: These handcrafted ceramic tiles are acknowledged for their beautiful crackle glaze.

Rotunda: These tiles bring a neoclassical influence with their symmetrical shapes and geometric patterns.

Specialty Brick: This porcelain brick splendor connects with the rustic brick distinctively coupled with modern loft designs.

Reservoir: These porcelain panel tiles come in three natural stone and two wood look options that are realistic for interior and exterior walls.

Spec 09: a specialty collection mixed with natural stone, glass, porcelain, and ceramic, proper for any design style.

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