Jason Hydrotherapy tub

Jason Hydrotherapy Tubs

Jason Hydrotherapy is an American company that came about from a family’s firsthand experience with how hydrotherapy affected a cousin with rheumatoid arthritis. The uncle of the current chairman worked with a few engineers to bring about the home hydrotherapy tub. Today, Jason offers a wide variety of spa tubs to suit just about any style preference all with the belief that health can be improved simply through bathing.

What Does Jason Offer?

Jason has several collections from which to choose: Home Spa, Carrera, Forma, Designer, Vivere, and Integrity. Each is beautifully designed. There are several options as far as shape and size to fit just about every bathroom. Most of the tubs, depending on the one chosen, come with a variety of hydrotherapy options. These options include:

Soaking tub: a soaking tub seems like a simple concept, but immersion in water relaxes muscles, joints, stress and even fevers. It also helps improve circulation.

Microsilk: tiny bubbles are produced that penetrate pores and allow for the removal of impurities.

Airmasseur: bubbles encounter the body like a massage. This helps promote calming, relaxation, and better circulation.

Whirlpool: bath whirlpools contain jets that are directed at muscle groups to relieve tension and soreness.

Many of the tubs come with the option to run two hydrotherapy sessions at once.

 What Makes Jason Different?

This company may have started because of an ill cousin, but it has grown because it cares about the client. Not only does it offer several styles for any taste, but all its tubs are thoughtfully designed. The company has worked with physical therapists to create a tub and bathing experience that can truly help you feel better, both physically and mentally.

If you are looking for a hydrotherapy tub with a spa experience, Jason Hydrotherapy may be the choice for you. Their wide selection of baths can fit just about any design preference and their multitude of hydrotherapy options can aid in relaxation and overall healing.