Introducing DXV: An Entire Bathroom Remodel Using Only One Brand

American Standard is a lifestyle product brand with over 140 years of design expertise. To celebrate their 15th decade of inspired collections, they’re launching DXV by American Standard. DXV is a stunning collection of luxury bathroom and kitchen products inspired by the most influential design movements of the last three centuries.

As a customer, DXV makes bathroom remodeling a breeze. Instead of spending hours searching for fixtures that fit seamlessly together, DXV has collections for every taste from Classic Victorian to Contemporary. Every DXV collection has exquisite options for toilets, sinks, pedestals, shower combinations, tub combinations, and decorative accents. When you are at International Bath and Tile, our experts will happily walk you through the different DXV collections that we offer.

One of our most popular design styles is DXV’s Modern Movement. The showrooms in this collection are equal parts playful and stoic. If you’re interested in remodeling your entire bathroom with a modern aesthetic, you may enjoy one these sleek fixtures:

Roycroft One-Piece Elongated Toilet
This DXV toilet is simple, smooth, and bold. It comes only in Canvas White and the lever is made of chrome metal. The combination of form and function creates a simple element that looks best amongst geometric fixtures.

Roycroft 26-inch Pedestal Bathroom Sink–Three Faucet Holes
The Roycroft sink brings a contrasting component to the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. It is designed with a round sink, square countertop, and oval pedestal. The geometrically different pieces are complemented by its smooth construction.

Another admired design style is DXV’s Contemporary Movement. This movement portrays the ever changing and original varieties of the world. If you would like to remodel your bathroom with a contemporary design, please take a look at these eclectic fixtures:

Lyndon Console Sink–Single Faucet Hole
This DXV sink is highly unique. The sink itself is crafted with fine fire clay and is held up by two metal legs. This sink emulates the contemporary movement with its symmetrical designs.

Percy Personal Shower Set With Hand Shower
The Percy shower set is futuristic with its minimalistic designs. The showerhead itself is unique with its sleek features.

If you are interested in more that DXV has to offer, please visit our website here or give us a call at (858) 268-3723. We look forward to helping you remodel your bathroom soon!