International Bath & Tile Welcomes the Next Generation of Designers to Explore Our Showroom


At International Bath & Tile, we believe in supporting and shaping the next generation of interior designers. As such, we regularly welcome students from the Design Institute of San Diego to visit our showroom and learn more about the industry and the wide range of plumbing products and tiles we have available.

It’s amazing to see these DISD students leave inspired and excited to one day work with the new plumbing brands they’ve been introduced to and be able to incorporate these new resources and knowledge into future projects.

Our IBT team values relationships—both with world-renowned designers, and those who are up-and-coming, like these students—so it’s exciting for us to be able to meet with the future leaders of design and learn more about how they’re planning on shaking up the industry.

For more information on International Bath & Tile’s showrooms and locations visit us online.