Small Bathroom

How To Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom Space!

Small bathrooms certainly are not a thing of the past as much as we’d like them to be! Though bathroom sizes have grown over the past few years, small bathrooms are still haunting some of us, especially when the limited space you have isn’t being utilized properly. That is why we want to help show you how you can take advantage of the space you do have in a tiny bathroom! The smallest change to your bathroom could make your space so much easier to work with and we’re hoping a few of these examples will make a world of difference for you!

One thing that most people overlook is usable space. Clutter tends to take over and before you know it, you have no wiggle room. Making a minor adjustment such as switching to a raised sink will open up the floor beneath the sink that you could use as additional storage space and then the possibilities are endless, from a towel basket to a clothing hamper!

Once you’ve managed to clear up some floor space for yourself, the next step is to look for higher usable space. Shelving is a must! Whether you want to put a towel rack or a just a basic shelf to put some toiletries on, it will help utilize the space you are working with. Being able to use the right amount of shelf space will not only open up the walls for more storage but it also helps to draw the eye away from the floor, which is usually the most cluttered area in a small bathroom. Not to mention you can use shelf space for decorating as well so you don’t lose your personal touch because of limited space. In addition to using wall space, if you have a small bathroom, odds are you are working with just a shower space which means even more wall space for you! Adding shelves or hanging racks in the shower space will help spread the clutter out for your personal showering space.

For those of us who are lucky enough to be working with a tub in a small bathroom, there is always the option of the bath trays. Opting to use the bath trays will help take away the clutter that may be lingering toward the bottom of your bathtub! You can put just about anything on them, from soap, to shampoo, to glasses of wine if you prefer to relax in the bath. The storage possibilities are endless, and the best part is that it can be a full-time addition to your bath, or you could use it for temporary relief!

Even the smallest change could help make you breathe easier when it comes to your small bathroom. Getting creative and utilizing wall space and floor space to the best of your abilities will definitely give you more room and help remove some of that overwhelming feeling you may get when entering a small bathroom. Hopefully some of the advice we’ve offered you today will help improve your small space! Good luck.

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