Home Improvement Tips For You

Home improvements can defiantly be intimidating whether you have just bought a newly built home, a condo, or a fixer upper. Doesn’t matter if you wanted to renovate your kitchen and bathroom or your whole house; you want to start right away adding your own personal style. That is where the home improvement in all of us starts to take root and plans are formulated. Here are some tips to help turn your house into your home.

What Adds the Most Value to Your Home?

Deciding on what to improve can be a challenge. You start thinking of the big and little things you want to change, fix or improve and pretty soon you are sucked into the never-ending renovation rabbit hole. But do these home improvements increase your home’s value? Some will and some won’t. Kitchen and bathroom renovations always increase the value but changing a floor plan might not. If you take an open floor plan and close it off, you have not increased the value because in today’s market open floor plans are what future homeowners are looking for.

What we tend to do is renovate for ourselves leaving out the potential buyer. But wait, you don’t plan on moving? Well, no, not today maybe not ever but if you ever do want to move then your costly renovations might not help you get the best price. So, with that said, renovate for your needs and comfort but also for the potential buyer. When you think about what to change look at it from the potential buyers’ eyes, this will give you the change you wanted and also increase the value of the home.

Make A Project List.

By making a list you can prioritize it from small to large projects. This will allow you to stay on top of your projects while knocking out the little ones you can do and leaving the bigger ones to the contractors. Take into consideration the seasons that you will be doing the renovations, some home improvements need to be done sooner than others.

Can You Do It or Is It Time to Call in The Big Guns?

Even if you’re a DIY person with a complete workshop, not all projects you will be able to do yourself. Know what you can and can’t do, start with the smaller projects working into the bigger ones, and then stay calm and unleash your DYI genius!

Find the Project That Gets You Going.

Look at your list and start to do your research; look online, in magazines, at your friend’s home basically everywhere to find inspiration. Then take that research home and look at the way to incorporate that into your project lists. Some of the best changes are the little ones and can be done with very little cost and time to you.

Do You Have the Right Contractor for The Job?

Just like finding a good doctor you must do your research because only you will have to live with the results from a contractor that is not up to par. For all stories of a good contractors, you find you will find two stories of contractors that have scammed or performed shoddy work for homeowners, costing them thousands of dollars. Make sure to vet your contractors carefully.

You Need More Than A List You Need A Plan.

One of the worst things you can do is to start a project without the major details, such as, cost, time, materials, and design. Be as realistic as you can when you start your project, do your homework, shop for materials to get the best price, find out if it is more cost effective to order the materials yourself or let the contractor order them and breath. You can do this! If you run into any kind of hiccup or need a little bit of help from the beginning, head over to International Bath and Tile and talk to our expert employees about what to do. We want you to have the perfect home.