McIntyre Tile

Handmade McIntyre Tile For Your Walls

Tile makes a great floor. But it also works well for your walls. You can utilize an assortment of sizes and shapes to create various patterns. Or you can use mosaic tiles to create pictures on your kitchen backsplash or on an outdoor fountain. If this sounds like something you might want to do, McIntyre Tile can give you what you need.

What Does McIntyre Tile Offer?

McIntyre Tile has a large assortment of ceramic tiles for use all over your home. They specialize in decorative, hand-painted tiles and mosaics. There are multiple series with collections full of options. Each series is unique. They are also full of color and size options. They can be used indoors on your walls, or outdoors on a decorative fountain or pool. The Essentials series is their simple line, full of a massive selection of solid colors. The Artisan series features the product lines of the artists and is full of textures and colors. The series of glazed thin brick is meant to bring a little something extra to face brick by means of ceramic glazes. The Deco Tile series is full of hand-painted tiles, carved reliefs, and all sorts of different shapes.

McIntyre tile for kitchen

Is McIntyre Tile Right for You?

McIntyre Tile is an American company, based in California. It employs the services of several different artisans. They state very plainly that they are dedicated to keeping their processes as green as possible. This is done in a variety of ways. They use post-industrial waste, such as brick and marble dust, in their clay mixture. Any clay that they create that doesn’t get turned into flooring tile can be recycled back into new tiles. Any waste they create is non-hazardous. They also don’t waste subpar tiles. Some pieces are sold for surface material while broken pieces are given as mosaic tiles to artists and schools. Since they have so many colors, sizes, and shapes to offer, it’s relatively safe to say that they have something for everyone.

Your walls are a canvas for expression. Why not look at McIntyre Tile for a vast selection of tiles of all colors, sizes, and shapes to add a touch of you to your home? Stop by our showroom at International Bath and Tile to see their collections. Or you can shop our online store at