Graff kitchen faucet

Graff’s Contemporary Collections

Graff is a faucet company that was founded in 1922 and reorganized and incorporated with its present name in 2002. It is a company that is under the radar; they hardly advertise, but don’t need to , because the superior quality of their products speaks for itself. They have traditional and transitional faucets, as well as their contemporary line, and most are offered in 4 finishes: polished nickel, Steelnox, olive bronze, and oil-rubbed bronze.

We’re going to look closer at what they offer to see if their products are worth the investment.

Graff bathroom faucets

The Product

If you buy a Graff, it is likely that you would never be disappointed. They are well known for excellent workmanship, and you would probably have the bathroom faucet for years to come. So how do they look design-wise? The traditional and transitional lines are pretty conservative stylistically but also attractive, and the contemporary designs are quite impressive. The contemporary collections are designed by Angeletti Ruzza Design and DCUBE Studio and some of their work has won design awards. It is recommended to check out their contemporary lines in particular, because you may find your dream faucet within this section.

Graff faucets

Graff: Worth Every Penny

Graff is a reliable faucet company that you can be assured would not disappoint you. They are known for their high-quality faucets but are also beautiful on an aesthetic level, which makes this company one to seriously consider. Who wouldn’t want an award-winning design in their kitchen or bathroom?

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