Five Element Tiles

Five Elements Eco-Friendly Tiles

The Five Elements had humble beginnings as an importer of pebble tile, but now offer mosaics and innovative tiles like teak wood and coconut. Their pebble tile is still one of their bestsellers, and if this is the kind of tile you are searching for, Five Elements is a good place to look. They are individually pieced together by Balinese artisans who place the pebbles in a natural, patterned, and interesting way.

They offer many other options as well, including glass mosaic tile, cork mosaic, porcelain, and coconut mosaics, which are made of the remnants of coconut shells. The great thing about this company is that they have eco-friendly and really cutting-edge materials.

Looking Closer at Their Products

If you’re looking for a complete state-of-the-art tile that is unusual and novel in its application, the Five Elements should be on your list. It’s a great website to browse for inspiration on what can be done with tile and really sparks the imagination. Honestly, who could’ve thought that coconut shells could be made into kitchen tile? Their pebble tile would look great as a naturalistic kitchen backsplash, and their weave glass is a unique interpretation of glass mosaic.

Five Elements: Good Tiles, but Watch out for Trendy Products

It can be said that the Five Elements offer quite a lot to the customer looking to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom. One word of advice is to think carefully about the more “trendy” products, like coconut tile or teak. It is likely that they wouldn’t stand the test of time stylistically and would be “out” within a decade. Making a mistake in renovating a kitchen can be expensive, so we say, be adventurous but not rash in your choices. That said, this company is a great one to see all that can be potentially done in a kitchen or bathroom.

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