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Find the Right Tile for Your Kitchen

Looking to update your kitchen? New tile counters, backsplash, or floors are a great way to bring new trends into your kitchen without the cost and time commitment of a full remodel. No matter the new look you are trying to achieve International Bath and Tile has great options for every style.

Glass Tiles:

One new trend we have been seeing more and more in kitchens is the use of glass tiles. This versatile material is easily customizable to the color scheme in your home and works as either a countertop or as a great eye-catching backsplash. You can even use the same color with different finishes to add a subtle pattern to your backsplash. Glass tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for the mosaic effect, subway tiles or a more unique pattern using harder to find shapes, International Bath and Tile has the right glass option for your kitchen needs.

Metal Tiles:

Whether you are looking to match your stainless steel appliances, or add a new metallic touch to the backsplash in your kitchen, metal tiles are a great way to add metallic sheen without installing sheet metal coverings. Whether you decide to use metal ass accent tiles, create a wall out of copper tiles or match your existing stainless, the options abound. A great example is a pattern created out of both copper and stainless steel tiles. This mix creates a unique look for your kitchen.

Woodgrain Tile:

Woodgrain tile is a great option when you have existing hardwood flooring in your home, and you want to bring that feel into the kitchen using a material that is easier to maintain in a wet environment. Wood tile comes in many different board widths and colors and is a great way to keep continuity in your home without having to worry about damaging the wood in your kitchen.

To really make a statement in your kitchen update, try mixing a few of the tile styles above for a truly individual effect. International Bath and Tile has all the tile styles you need to create a one-of-a-kind statement in your updated kitchen. You can also shop our online store, for tile as well!