Emtek Will Design Your Style

For the designers of Emtek, door and cabinet hardware is integral to the strategy scheme of your space. They are above and beyond tools; they can make or break a room, and Emtek attempts to bring people’s design aesthetic to life with their artisanal hardware.

They have many styles and finishes, and unlike other knob companies we’ve reviewed, seem to have a decent selection of all kinds of knobs including crystal and glass. If you are looking for a minimal look for your room, Emtek is a great choice. The knobs look standard—but there are still some interesting selections with their crystal hardware.

Their Product

The great thing about Emtek is that they have finished for any kind of room or design motif, from wrought steel to stainless steel to brass. For a room that you would like to look sophisticated with simple accents, this company probably has knobs that would work. They have just the right amount of detail to pop, without going overboard. Their Tuscany collection is beautiful with nice accents, and the egg-shaped knobs in the Rustic collection are stylish as well.

Emtek Fine Decorative Hardware Products include door knobs and pulls, door levers, handle sets, entry sets, interior locks, decorative plate locks, deadbolts, handles, hinges, rosettes, side plates, bathroom accessories, and home hardware.

Emtek door knobs

Great Option for Those with Simple Tastes

This company is a great resource for those just looking for a simple, but stylish cabinet knob. Nothing too ornate, nothing tacky. They’re aesthetically on point with their offerings—everything is classic and refined. Emtek should probably be one of your first stops when looking for good and affordable cabinet hardware. You can hardly go wrong with their simple yet interesting designs.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Emtek products. Stop by our showroom at International Bath and Tile and we will help you pick out the products you need.