Duravit bathroom items

Duravit’s Product Review

Duravit is a manufacturer of bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets. It is a German company with a European style sensibility. Their toilets are unique to the United States, with designs that you wouldn’t necessarily find on this side of the pond. Their bathroom sinks offer something modern and elegant for a bathroom, with some longtime favorites having been used in classrooms and homes for several years. They also have some beautiful options for bathtubs, generally with a sleek modern design aesthetic.

How do their products measure up? Let’s take a closer look

Their Products

Duravit has several collections that represent different design motifs. One, called 1930, hearkens back to an earlier time but has a modern twist, while Cape Cod embodies that beautiful area of the United States. Bagnella has a modern, sophisticated, and Italian feel, while Architec focuses on interesting structures for a bathroom. They all offer something unique to the customer with varying tastes.

Do their products work, and would they be a good fit for you?

It seems based on reviews that Duravit has a wonderful reputation amongst customers. All of our Duravit products are offered with a complete warranty, and are new, come directly from the factory, and made with the best quality materials. Duravit is a brand that covers all the bases. From ceramic sinks, furniture, vanities, toilets, bidets, urinals, mirrors, accessories, and now sensor wash, shower, and toilet seats.

Duravit has conventional styles and generally stays between the lines, but some of their products will surprise you. Many of their products are affordable and their toilets are ones that you would not find anywhere else, design-wise. It seems like going with this company would be a good choice, and you would not be disappointed with the end product.

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