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Designing Your Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchens are a combination of modern and traditional styles. Not only are these types of kitchens comfortable, but they are very stylish. If you are considering renovating your kitchen to have a more contemporary feeling, check out our 7 different contemporary styles perfect for your kitchen.

Classic Contemporary:

This kind of kitchen would be a wide-open one that offers plenty of room for both dining and entertaining. Consider using a mixture of man-made and natural materials to help embody the best of contemporary styles.

Unconventional Lighting:

Using unconventional lighting paired with more traditional furniture or appliances helps your kitchen to fully get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to go completely unconventional for your lighting, but a unique light fixture helps add some variety to the traditional materials that were already found in your kitchen (plus, it may help to ensure that you don’t have to replace everything else for a ton of money, but instead just spend a small amount of money for lighting).

Multipurpose Living:

All contemporary kitchens ensure that there is plenty of space for storage, prep, and on-the-go dining. You want to be able to use your kitchen space for more than just cooking and food prep. You want to make sure that your kitchen has the perfect amount of storage for your liking. You could even consider adding 2 separate islands for more storage space and a separate island to prep food and then eat food.

Tone-on-Tone Color Palette:

The tone of your kitchen color plays a huge role in helping you pull off that contemporary vibe. If you wanted your kitchen to have a natural look with an earthy feel, consider having earth-tones tiles and adding a tree branch chandelier. Playing off of your already existing color tones will help you not only achieve a contemporary feeling kitchen but also save some money.

Entertain With Ease:

Sometimes it pays off big to have a kitchen that opens right into a comfortable living room. This helps to allow for easy living and casual entertaining. (It also helps those of you who are parents watch our kids while also cooking).

Artful Details:

Usually, in a contemporary kitchen, the colors are all neutral. However, contemporary kitchens also have little artful details scattered throughout the room. Consider adding a glass penny-tile backsplash or add flowers and accessories without making the space feel chaotic.

Nature-Inspired Textures:

As mentioned above, you can achieve an earthy feeling by using earth-tone tiles and adding a branch chandelier. However, consider using reclaimed tiles and Elmwood cabinetry to help complete a unique kitchen look.

Kitchens are the soul of the home. With that being said, contemporary kitchens have become increasingly more popular over time. If you’re considering redoing your kitchen into a contemporary-type kitchen, look no further than International Bath and Tile for your kitchen needs.